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ArcticCat Wildcat X Build Part 2

This new MTX ArcticCat Wildcat is starting to take shape. Parts have been painted and the audio is starting to go in. This machine is going to be loaded with speakers, amps, and subs. Dual 12" subwoofers in the back, tower speakers, kickpanel speakers, an overhead soundbar, and one of the coolest amp racks we have ever seen (4 MUD100.2 amps in the dashboard) are going to have this machine rocking. It is going to be at the upcoming UTVUnderground World Championship in Laughlin, NV next weekend so make sure you stop by to see and hear the final product!

Front with New Hood ArcticCat New Dashboard MUD Amp Rack MUD Amp Rack ArcticCat New Dashboard with Amp Rack Installed THUNDER Amp in Hood ArcticCat Subwoofer Enclosure

ArcticCat Wildcat X Build

Jason, Craig, and Heidi are at it again, this time building out an ArcticCat Wildcat X in true MTX fashion. This machine is going to be all about audio and cruising in style. As usual they started by stripping the machine down to the bones and jumped straight in to making speaker kick panels, a subwoofer enclosure, and adding an extra XS Power battery to deliver the extra power the new system will need. The team is being pretty tight lipped about how they are transforming this machine from ordinary to unbelievable so stay tuned for updates and more pics as the project progresses.

Wildcat X Stripped Heidi Working the Fiberglass Speaker Kick Panels Kickpanel Fiberglassed XS Power Batteries Dual Subwoofer Enclosure New Headlights New Roof Powercoated Suspension


Polaris ACE Update

So it seems our crew is really serious about taking this ACE down to the frame. It looks like all the parts have gotten a sealer coat, an army green primer coat, and hopefully a finishing coat in the not too distant future. Looks like Heidi added a Polaris 2500HD winch to the front and as you can see they have taken this pristine machine down the bones in order to resurrect it to the next level as a serious offroad AND audio machine. Can't wait to see when they start putting it back together.

ACE Winch Install   Sealer Primer

Army Green Primer Layer   ACE Disassembled

New Polaris Machine Taking Shape MTX Style

So if you don't know, MTX and Polaris, manufacturer of awesome off roading machines, like to get together and build some crazy things. If you haven't seen the RZR1000 Ground Pounder our boys put together last year for Polaris you are missing a serious piece of offroad terror. Polaris has recently released their new Sportsman ACE single passenger 4-wheel machine, similar to the RZR Series just smaller and with room for only one.  Well I happened by our R&D department the other day and saw that our team somehow had gotten ahold of one of these machines and are working on turning it into an audio beast to match the Ground Pounder. As I understand it, they are going to be adding a custom fiberglass roof with four 7.7" marine speakers, a fiberglass hood unit that houses two 6.5" marine speakers, and an amp rack that is going to live on the rear cage. We are going to be taking both the RZR1000 and ACE to the ATV Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, TX March 26th-30th and showing them off with Polaris.

MTX ACE and RZR          ACE Hood Speaker Pod

ACE Roll Cage       ACE Roll Cage Amp Rack