The New 95 Series SuperWoofers Are Coming!

Our new 95 Series SuperWoofers will be available in the second quarter of 2014!  This new series is designed with premium aesthetics and innovative engineering that outclass all other subwoofers.

MTX 95 Series Car SubwooferTrue to its heritage the performance of the new 95 is going to shock a lot of people. It can make the windows flex for those that like it loud and reproduces every bass drum slam and guitar stroke flawlessly even at amazing SPL levels.
The new 95 Series car Subwoofer will be available in both 12" and 15 sizes and with either a dual 4Ω or dual 2Ω voice coil configuration. Each model is capable of handling 1500 watts RMS power.

The 95 Series features the Inverted Apex Surround that we released in 2013 on the 55 and 35 series woofers. This surround increases xmax, 1.25" on both models, and surface diameter allowing it to produce impressive competition level bass.

A 4" high temperature voice coil is cooled using our proven spider plateau venting technology as well as an internal voice coil heatsink and a t-yoke with integrated heatsink, giving it a three-layer thermal management system.

Our engineers have also incorporated a layered, progressive spider that eliminates the break in period that subwoofers normally require.

Out of the box these subs are ready to deliver the boom. Finally a glass fiber cone offers excellent stiffness to weight ratio-increasing efficiency for greater SPL.

The 95 Superwoofer will be available 2nd quarter, 2014. We can't wait!