New Year, New Website, New Product

Happy New Year to MTX fans around the world. This is going to be an exciting year at MTX. You may notice that our website looks different than it did last year. We have changed some systems and added some features designed to make a destination, not just a place to buy high quality audio. Take a tour of our eduction section and improve your knowledge base also visit our Community section and take an active part in helping and getting help from us and your fellow enthusiasts. As always if there is info you would like to see, give us a shout.

MTX 9512-44 Angle

The International Consumer Electronics show is coming up next week and we are getting ready to unveil some really cool new products that our engineers have been hard at work putting together. The biggest news this year is going to be the release of the new 95 Series car subwoofer. True to its heritage the new 95 is going to shock a lot of people. A couple of highlights for the new version:

  • 1500W RMS Power
  • 12" & 15" Versions
  • Dual 4Ω or Dual 2Ω
  • 3 Level Thermal Management
  • Glass Fiber Cone

This sub is going to rattle some windows. For all those people that said MTX isn't what it once was I think this sub will change your mind. It is designed for SPL plain and simple. This year we are also going to be releasing a new 75 series subwoofer that utilizes some of the same technologies that are in the 95 but in a less lethal version.

New XTHUNDER amps will be available in early Spring. 1500W and 1200W class D monoblocks that are 1Ω stable, a big four channel that puts out 125W RMS, and a convenient five channel ensure there is something for eveyone. Cool thing about these is that they all share the same footprint so they are easy to do custom installations with and all the wires and controls are covered by endcaps allowing for really clean installations.

We are also releasing some new marine product at the CES show. Three new amplifiers, two subwoofers, and two sizes of coaxial speakers that are built to last. We test them in the Arizona sun and in the Wisconsin winter, so they have seen their share of environmental abuse. The amps are all small chassis so they are easy to hide in any size boat and the subs and speakers have an agressive look that compliments any boat interior. 

Check back with us to see pics from the show and to learn about the new stuff we have coming out and what else we are up to.