Polaris ACE Final Update

MTX Polaris ACE 570 Custom Audio Layout

So after a couple of solid weeks working extremely hard the ACE is finally done and ready to debut at the Mud Nationals next week. This thing turned out way meaner that even I thought it was going to be. Who would have thought you could put this much audio onto an ATV style machine? Great job to our master craftsmen on delivering a product that everyone is going to be excited about. Can't wait to see some video from Mud Nationals that shows off just how loud this little machine is. Make sure you come by the Polaris booth at the show to see both the RZR1000 Ground Pounder and this new ACE for yourself. Final audio product list for the build: (3) MUD100.2 amplifiers, (2) WET500.1 amplifiers, (2) 5510-44 subwoofers, (2) WET65-W coaxial speakers, (4) WET77-W coaxial speakers, and (1) ZN1-1FD capacitor plus a bunch of other items including dual XS Power batteries, colored LEDs and a Polaris source unit and winch. Check out these pictures of the finished pieces.

ACE with Seat and Enclosures Installed    Overhead Enclosure with Speakers Mounted    Enclosure and Rear Roll Cage Installed

Custom Front Scoop and Speaker Pods    Completed ACE Ready to Be Loaded for Mud Nationals