RTLDBP Digital Bass Processor

Feel the Thunder

MTX THUNDER RTLDBP Digital Bass Processor is designed to work with any amplifier to bring the most out of your system. It allows maximum Bass reconstruction and control without damaging your woofers.

The RTLDBP is a must for any Bass System, whether it's a single amp and sub or a multi-amp, competition system. It analyzes the signal coming in, restores low frequencies and improves bass response within any system.

    Bass Equalization Circuit

    Restores low frequency signals

    Remote Control

    Dash mount remote provides easy adjustment for the driver

    PFM Subsonic Filter

    Filters out unnecessary or harmful frequencies

    Bass Output Control

    Maximizes bass output without damaging subwoofers


    Big Difference, Small Price

    The THUNDER RTLDBP has a small price to pay for the results it provides. The balanced inputs reject noise interference from your car and the Subsonic Filter will protect your subwoofers. After the simple installation you’ll notice the difference right away when your MTX subwoofers are pounding jealousy into everyone in the neighborhood.

    THUNDER 500.1 Key Features

    • Bass Equalization Circuit
    • Remote Control
    • PFM Subsonic Filter
    • Bass Output Control
    • Balanced inputs
    Maximum Input Signal 15V RMS
    Maximum Output Level 13.5V RMS
    Frequency Response 10Hz - 100kHz
    THD .003%
    Signal to Noise Ratio -130dB
    Input impedance 10kΩ
    Output Level 150Ω
    Power Supply High Headroom PWM

    Owners Manual RTLDBP Owners Manual (16 pages) View | Download